My prep work is done. I have the fundamentals down. 100’s of books and podcasts have been devoured. I’ve participated in lengthy debates and conversations. I’ve meditated. And I’ve even prayed.

I am anxious to start my mission.

I am ready to co-create. I am a little willing.

“I’m ready. I’m here. I’m a little willing. How can I help? Will you tell me what it is I am to do? What’s my role? My part? Tell me. Tell me! Tell me!! I here. Talk to me! ”


Ok. Maybe another online lesson. Maybe I need to finish that one book I bought but never finished. Maybe I just need to do this by myself. Trust my gut. Follow my heart. I’m smart I can figure my purpose by myself. Simply use my gifts right? What’s your passion? Do that. Do what I know is right. That’s it! Just do it by myself. That’s what faith looks like.  Make it happen! I can do it!

My mind says “No worries. I got this. I have 100’s of ideas of things we can do!

My gut says “Do what? I don’t know what we are supposed to do. I’m confused”.

My heart says “What happened to ‘Let’s go!’? That’s plural. I thought we were going to CO-create?  I don’t want to be alone anymore.”

So I ask again “Tell me what I need to do. Please.”


More silence

I catch a glance. A quick movement of His eyes asking me to join Them around our favorite table. We sit in silence. Together.

At long last there is a soft whisper “Compile and publish your writings”.

I jump up and back away from the table. My excuses come fast and furious.

  • My writings are for me; for my self-therapy
  • My writings will hurt other people
  • Publishing a book will cost too much money
  • I’m not sure how to do it
  • No one will buy my book
  • I’m afraid


Recognizing my childish behavior, I quietly returned to the table and state once more “I am a little willing”.

“Great. Glad to have you on board. We’re going to work well together. Keep in mind I didn’t ask for you to SELL any books, build an audience platform, go on a book tour, or make a movie. Simply compile and publish your writings. For co-creating We’ve found it best if everyone keeps focused on the task at hand. You wouldn’t even believe us if we told you what the final outcome will be.

Oh, by the way, I’ll be revealing the resources you need to get the task done. Be on the lookout for coincidental conversations and pop-up banner ads.

Let’s go.”





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