I don’t have to want to be friendly, inspirational or engaged to be put to use by the Universe. My funk is not a deterrent to Love. At the Sunday breakfast,  there were a lot of volunteers, so I didn’t work. Instead I just sat along the wall with the others who want to be left alone. Perfect. I sat next to a young, large black man and after a long period of silence we started talking about movies. He loves scary movies (I detest scary movies). He said he’s had enough trauma in his life that scary things don’t scare him. The conversation continued, like they do, and he confessed he can read people’s minds and he hears voices. In typical Susan heretical fashion, I said “You sound like Jesus. He could do that too, you know…the woman at the well…”. Marvin was so tickled to hear me say that. He smiled as the similarities dawned on him. He said most folks tell him to go to the hospital or get meds. I pointed out that the majority of people would have given that advice to Jesus too. The conversation then veered towards his vivid dreams and his life’s purpose of solving cold cases for the police through victims visiting his dreams. I said I was jealous of him since his life’s purpose is so clear. He then told me that I had just fulfilled my life’s purpose by being the only person to ever tell him that he was like Jesus! I guess my job here is done. 


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